Training tip: Dead-lifting

Dead-lifting is a fundamental exercise that needs to be a part of your training program.The primary benefits of dead-lifting are increased strength and muscle mass. Because dead-lift is a compound movement it utilizes nearly every major muscle of your body as well as the small stabilizer muscles in your body. Muscles trained by the dead-lift:

• Core (abs and obliques)
• Hamstrings
• Glutes
• Forearms
• Spinal Erectors
• Lower Back
• Middle and Upper Traps
• Calves

And to a smaller extent the Deadlift works your:

• Biceps
• Quads
• Lats

So doing a dead-lift is almost like doing a leg press, a back extension, a lying leg curl, a abdominal crunch, a gripping exercise, a straight-arm pull down and a shrug all at the same time. Yep, it’s… a bit decent like!

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