February PT Offer

*****8 weeks body transformation package*****

15x Personal training sessions
 2x Training plans 
 2x Eating plans
 2x Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday BOOTCAMPS.
 2x Measurements and body fat analysis.
Online coaching also included.


****Note, you must have 2 PT sessions for 7 of the weeks to get your transformation****


Hit those new year goals and stay motivated with our elite personal training team!

• 10 Personal Training sessions
• 1 Training Programme
• 1 Eating Plan
• 2 Measurement and Body Fat Analysis


Please see one of our advanced personal trainers for more details or email hello@yourgymuk.co.uk


Personal training sessions

Your gym New Year Personal Training Prices:

• 1st session 30 minutes FREE
• 30 minutes – £17:50
• 60 minutes – £30
• Bronze package (5 sessions) – £140, £28ps
• Silver package (10 sessions) – £270, £27ps
• Gold package (15 sessions) – £390, £26ps
• Platinum package (20 sessions) – £480, £24ps (must be 2 or more sessions a week)
• Diamond package (30 sessions) – £660, £22ps (must be 3 or more sessions a week)

Nutrition and training programs individually priced. If you’re an existing personal training client with one of our advanced trainers your training prices will stay the same as long as you stay chasing that goal! For more information or to book speak to one of the team.

Christmas Opening Hours

Here’s our opening times over the Christmas period:

Christmas Eve 8am – 4pm
Christmas Day Closed
Boxing Day 8am – 4pm

Normal hours resume until

New Year’s Eve 8am – 4pm
New Year’s Day Closed

Then back to our normal hours

Your Gym Members invited to enjoy their Christmas Bash at Jingle Fest

This Year’s Jingle Fest at the AJ Bell Stadium is going to be better than ever. DJ- Mike Toolan from Key 103 is back to bring the House down.

For more information email ajbellstadiumevents@azure.uk.com or call 0161 820 2763.

Kevin O’Dea Bootcamp every Sunday at 9am

Join Kev at his legendary boot camp every Sunday.
Read on for more info.

Salford Red Devils – Recruiting 30+ males to get Fit

Read on for more info.

Training tip: Dead-lifting

Dead-lifting is a fundamental exercise that needs to be a part of your training program.The primary benefits of dead-lifting are increased strength and muscle mass. Because dead-lift is a compound movement it utilizes nearly every major muscle of your body as well as the small stabilizer muscles in your body. Muscles trained by the dead-lift:

• Core (abs and obliques)
• Hamstrings
• Glutes
• Forearms
• Spinal Erectors
• Lower Back
• Middle and Upper Traps
• Calves

And to a smaller extent the Deadlift works your:

• Biceps
• Quads
• Lats

So doing a dead-lift is almost like doing a leg press, a back extension, a lying leg curl, a abdominal crunch, a gripping exercise, a straight-arm pull down and a shrug all at the same time. Yep, it’s… a bit decent like!

For any other strength and mass building ideas in your training grab me in the gym, call me on 07581384724 or via email at kev@yourgymuk.co.uk, www.kevinodea.co.uk.

Exercise of the week

To get the most out your gluteus, hamstrings, quadriceps and core, ensure you use full range of motion when performing squats. This compound movement is fundamental and should be apart of everyone’s training. Need anymore tips or advice feel free to grab me in the gym or call me on 07581384724 – Kev Your gym PT.

Would you like a FREE day at Your Gym?

If the answer is yes March could be the month you have been waiting for. If you would like to try out the gym or sample a class then why not take us up on our day pass offer.

Simply Print off the pass, pop down and see us at the club and we will look after you from there.

Plus if you decide to join for 6 months or longer you won’t have to pay our joining fee.

To join simply visit our join now page enter the promo code FMF and select the membership that suits you best.

See you at the club.

Remember 1 free day trial per customer